Dear EHash token holders:

Due to the unstability of the electricity supply, as you may see, EHash total hashing power has been extremely unstable and fall sharply below the designated 200,000M/s.

We sincerly apologize for the current circumstance. We expect this situation to revert and back to normal in the coming month.

In order to subsidize EHash token holders, we have decided to increase the total hashing power that supports EHash token after things are back to normal. The plan is that, the total hashing power will be increased to above 220,000Mh/s for a prolonged time period which equals “lost_time*lost_hashing_power/20,000”.

Please let us know your feedback. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.


Hash-mining is a resilent and robust method for obtaining #ETH. The emergence of #EHash has provided the market with a new vehicle to participate in ETH mining.

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